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Cheers! To good Milk

By :Riti Rivaaj 0 comments
Cheers! To good Milk
by Neha Bhatia Sareen

It was only A2 milk that our forefathers drank, and now it is also available easily at your doorstep. Know why A2 milk was always considered a golden drink

Does drinking milk make you feel heavy?

Does your skin break out often?

Are stomach-ache and diarrhoea becoming chronic for you?

It is time to relook at the milk you drink…

Since time immemorial cows used to produce only A2 protein in their milk but as time passed and the milk supply became an industry, the focus on keeping the health of cows became secondary. And because of this and other reasons, cows started producing both A2 and A1 protein. But thankfully, there are still cows that produce only the A2 protein. And which we are proud to be guarding and taking care of. Sahiwal cows produce milk which has 100 percent A2 protein. Along with being rich in protein, calcium, Omega 2, this milk is sure to provide digestive comfort and build immunity. 

And now, this healthy and nutritious A2 milk is easily available at your doorstep. All you need to do is to click the link and get your hands on the purest of the milks. 

Wondering what makes our milk so fresh and nutritious? We ensure that your milk reaches you within two hours from the farm. We also make sure that our cows are happy. We strongly believe that if our cows are happy, the milk produced by them is healthy and of supreme quality. Good jazz music, jumping, hopping and skipping in the open, playing with their calves and feeding on hydroponically grown micro-greens, rich in vitamins and minerals are the reason for our cows’ happiness.

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